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Things You Should Stop Doing to Your Skin Immediately!

Written by Susan

Bad habits die hard. An adage states rightly here. But if you’re a lover of your skin and you want your skin to be as flawless as you’ve dreamt about, you have to part ways with your bad habits. Even the best of the skincare experts believe that women are adamant on giving up their bad habits. Here are some bad habits that even dermatologists ask you to quit.

Sleeping in your makeup

Rinsing your makeup off each night is an easy first step to taking better care of your skin, but so many of us skip it. We get home late from work, then try to fit in dinner, working out, and relaxing. When you’re ready to pass out for the night, washing your face can feel like an unnecessary step. However, sleeping in your makeup is wreaking havoc on your skin. “If you want to wake up fresh, you need to use a makeup remover,” cofounder of Chalet Cosmetics Andrea Rodriguez told me. “Sleeping in makeup not only ages you, it prevents skin from recovering overnight to maintain elasticity and hydration the next day.” Rodriguez recommended keeping the process as simple as possible so that you’re able to stay consistent. “Agua Fresca is a super easy way to make sure you never do this to your face again,” recommended Rodriguez. “Pour this natural cleansing water on a cotton pad, swipe, and then hit the pillow.”

Using products out of jars

If your skincare products come in a jar, it’s time to rethink them. Applying the product with your hands is probably not doing much good for your skin. “Our hands pick up so much dirt and oil from the day, and when you stick your fingers in a jar of product and apply it to your face, you may be spreading bacteria,” Rodriguez told me. “Skincare without applicators have a much higher rate of getting contaminated. Plus, the active ingredients are much more likely to become oxidized, making them less effective. Try sticking to products with airless pumps or caps with dispensers for better skincare benefits.” Content director for Beautypedia Bryan Barron agreed. Because many skincare products, especially the anti-aging ones, contain antioxidants, they should not be exposed to air. The more you open that jar, the more the antioxidants break down and become ineffective. “So your anti-aging products become less and less effective,”

Going to bed late

There is a reason why your skin looks dull and tired after a night of little sleep. Sleep is restorative for your skin, so go to bed late too many nights in a row, and your skin is going to show it. “When the skin is getting less than optimum fuel, it can become dull and pale,” Dr. Dennis Gross. “Lack of sleep can be so stressful that it actually causes our bodies, including our skin, to generate free radicals.” Start prioritizing your sleep and watch your skin change.

Spending money on products that don’t work

There are a lot of skincare products out there, and many of them are incredibly expensive. Which ones are actually worth it? Well, according to Dr. Kotlus, special anti-wrinkle pillows fall into the “not worth it” column. Many women notice lines on their faces from their pillows every morning, so several companies have created pillows meant to prevent those lines. “Don’t waste money on anti-wrinkle pillows and pillowcases. While sleep lines are formed during sleep, especially on stomach-sleepers, there’s no scientific proof that a specialty pillow or fabric reduces sleep wrinkles over your regular sleep gear,” explained Dr. Kotlus. “I performed a published study showing that the effects of sun exposure supersede the aging effects of sleep pressure, so focus on sun protection.”

Popping pimples

I have never been a pimple popper. The thought of it makes me nauseous, and I’m a nurse, so I’ve seen some things. Fortunately for me, the dermatologists are with me on this one. Popping that zit you’ve had your eye on only spreads the bacteria to the rest of your face. “However tempting it may be to pop a pimple, try to resist,” Dr. Gross . “If the temptation is too much, try washing your face with a clean washcloth. If the pimple is ready to ‘pop,’ this is all the pressure needed to drain it.” Your body is smart. It knows when the pimple needs to go away, so let your skin do its thing.

Steamy showers

After a long day, there is nothing better than relaxing in a long, hot shower. Grab a glass of wine, and you have a little spa right in your bathroom. However, the hot water is harsh on your skin, so keep those steamy showers to a minimum. Sure, they feel good, “but they’re guaranteed to turn your skin into a dry, flaky mess,” Dermatologist Dr. Arielle Kauvar told Prevention. Opt for slightly cooler water to protect your skin.

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